Custom Packaging


Depending on your event and usage you can select packaging for your custom stickers. We pack the stickers using high quality packaging material that will surely impress your customers.



The stickers come packed in bundles of 200 pieces and wrapped in transparent plastic film to keep them together. 

Cost - Free

Usage - Ideal if you want to use stickers internally e.g on shipping boxes or your on products


transparent bopp packaging

The stickers are packed in a transparent BOPP bag. Use this packaging if you are giving away stickers for a promotion or inserting in a goodie bag. The transparent bag protects the stickers from getting crumpled.

Cost - $ (few extra cents per piece)

Usage - Ideal for giveaways or inserting in a goodie bag


bopp header packaging

Create stories for your brand using premium header packaging.

Stickers are packed in a transparent BOPP bag with fully customisable header, stapled to a transparent BOPP bag.

Cost - $$$

Usage - Ideal for giveaways at trade shows or product launch


Still confused! Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to suggest the most suitable option for your sticker packaging.

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