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How Science Centre used Customised Stickers during Dino Robot Exhibition

Opened on 10 December 1977 by Dr Toh Chin Chye, Science Centre has emerged out as one of the best holiday destinations for children and students. The iconic IMAX theatre of Science Centre brings a new scope of learning Science and technology through documentaries and films that provide an captivating experience for all. You can relax on the bean bags laid out inside the theatre and enjoy an informative documentary. It also has a KidsStop for kids aged 18 months to 8 year which offers activities and programmers to nourish parent-child bonding.

With hundreds of activities that Science Centre has to offer, it can attract any child for indulging with its and exhibitions. It’s been around four decades since this place has been a platform of learning and innovation. 

As compared to institutions which provide theoretical knowledge of science, science centre helps students to embrace this knowledge in a more fun way, buy giving an environment where students can engage in various activities and exhibitions.  

Concept of Science Centre:

Science centre sets up the exhibition in a way that it can explain the basic principles of science and technology to the kids by relating it to everyday life so that the children can grasp it faster and also remember the concepts. While preparing these exhibitions, Science Centre keeps in mind to design them according the school syllabus, so that students can practically implement their knowledge which they gain from reading their textbooks and by listening to their mentors.

Dino Robot Exhibition at Science Centre:

This year science centre held another blockbuster exhibition from 20th May till 27th August 2017. This was an exceptional travelling exhibition designed directly from Japan for kids. There was a lot to dig into and learn. It gave kids an experience of building a dinosaur robot and helped them learn the essentials of mechanics, automation, assembly and design in an interesting style.

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How the Exhibition Was Organized:

The exhibition begun with an introduction on what are dinosaurs, by describing about various traits of dinosaur, their characteristics and features. There were fossils for kids to look at and understand the appearance of the dinosaurs.

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To start with the kids were given pamphlet which had answers to various questions, the kids had to scratch those pamphlets to search the correct answer at every station and collect stamps. Once they were finished with collecting all the stamps, they could win back a little gift in exchange of the stamps. These gifts included customized stickers which were printed by Gumtoo.

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The main features of this exhibition which kept the kids engaged during the entire session were:

  • Seeing a T-Rex dinosaur coming to life using a unique scope in the data and design room.
  • Students learnt assembling by adding skin and muscle to the dinosaur’s skeletons in the body assembly room. There were also blocks for little ones to build their own colorful dino robots.
  • A Mechanical assembly room was designed for kids so that they can experience animatronics building process with the dinosaur’s skeleton.
  • There was also a control room with special sensors, which helped kids to move the dinosaurs and make noise in the way they wished to. Which looked quite real and was very amusing for the kids.


The whole event was a big success, which came as a surprise for kids and a bonus for the parents as their kids learnt a lot while having fun!

Customized Stickers as Giveaway:

Children who were able to complete all the tasks were given a reward by the science centre. They chose a very interesting gift to give away as rewards to the children. They opted for wonderful customized dinosaur stickers! And these amazing stickers were printed by us, which were just loved by the kids. It was a beautiful kiss cut sticker sheet with multiple stickers on it, which looked really cool and were easy to use.

Science centre used stickers in a really interesting manner to engage kids. If you are also looking for some super cool economic giveaways for kids, you can surely consider custom sticker printing done Gumtoo Stickers. These stickers can be a perfect gift if you are organizing an event for kids in a museum or in a school. These can also be used for promoting your brand or organization.

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