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3 compelling reasons why you SHOULDN’T use only your brand name for sticker marketing

Are you a new brand planning to use your brand name as a sticker for promotions? Stop! We present exciting sticker alternatives to plain old brand name stickers. Read this now!

10 Custom Stickers To Send An Environmental Message

Did you know 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped in the ocean every year? Did you know pollution kills 1 million seabirds and 100 million mammals every year? The world is slowly deteriorating because we don’t care enough. It’s important that we spread awareness about protection and preservation and these environmental message stickers will help do just that.

Author Speak: Naomi Vowels of 'Where Are My Shoes?'

Team Gumtoo loves books, especially books for children and young adults. And it is no secret that we love stickers too 😊. Imagine our joy, when we got a fantastic opportunity to combine both our loves! This happy chance came our way through the talented sister-duo of Naomi Vowels and Frances Atkins of Red Shoe Stories. Read the details in our interview with Naomi.

9 creative ways brands have used stickers

Customized stickers can be one of the most innovative and affordable ways to promote your brand to the masses. Attractive visual and brand merchandises are probably the best way to increase brand awareness and top of the mind recall. However, it might be very difficult for a company to come out with new T-Shirts or posters and banners in bulk as these involve a lot of cost and resources. Stickers, on the other hand, are easy to print and affordable in terms of cost as well. Also, the stickers have the flexibility to be pasted at multiple places, example a company’s physical product as a label, or on an existing poster or banner to update information. In the subsequent paragraphs, we would discuss some of the innovative campaigns by brands and products in the past with the use of stickers.

Stickers as humanitarian messages

The Red Cross effectively sends the message for helping drought prone villages through the adjoining sticker. The sticker is a fabulous example of placing real life objects with an expressive sticker. The water tank here completely mixes with the requirement of the boy in need of water.

Creative use of custom stickers by Red Cross

Lays Potato field Stickers

Lays nailed it when their growing potatoes stickers decorated subways. It was a creative way to express the freshness and authenticity of their potato chips. This idea definitely got attention of the crowd, however, we are not aware of its effectiveness on the sales of lays.

Custom stickers used by Lays to grab crowd's attention

Sticker with tourism touch

The Wisconsin department of Tourism did a superb job of promotion using a mirror and sticker. The blend gave the public a mental picture of the awesomeness of exploring through Wisconsin tourism. We hope it fared positively for the state!

Sticker Printing Singapore

Tiny but influencing Yoga Sticker

The Y+ Yoga center did an exceptionally stunning advertisement when it placed a Yoga pose on the bent part of a straw. The idea seemed o be catchy and got synergic response from the masses. Yoga indeed is a great practice for healthy mind, body and soul.

Sticker Printing in Singapore for Yoga Studios

A sticker to show your Dog Problems

Frontline, a dog flea remover spray maker did a creative display by placing a giant dog sticker on the floor of the wall. The passersby when viewed from a height appeared as fleas in dog hair.  It not only gave a moving flea’s picture on the dog but also made very clear ‘Get Then off your Dog.’ We think this sticker advertising was sheer act of presence of mind and minute observation.

Stickers for event promotions

It is well known that events and fairs can be expressed and promoted through off the league floor and billboard stickers. However, below is an example of how a floor signboard can be helpful in preserving cleanliness values with an interesting activity. Area around Swiss cities dustbins are presented with such stupendous ideas.

Swiss City Fights Litter With Trash Can Games

Swiss City Fights Litter With Trash Can Games

Conveyor Belt stickers: Keep playing while waiting

A custom made sticker for conveyer belt, depicting the game of luck in casino is a way to cheer up bored passengers waiting for their luggage. Picking a number for the arrival of luggage can even result in a real conversation between fellow passengers. Amidst all this entertainment, the airport  is surely in a win-win situation with the positive reviews of its customers.

Belle Dancer at the rotating entry

Not a masterpiece sticker, but yes an intelligent one, promoting belle dance classes. The sticker with a dance pose is put on the axle of the rotating entrance door so, that with every entry it seems to complete dance steps of Belle. It seems  a fine way to present the magic of the dance form.

Zoo Promotions:

The Copenhagen Zoo runs a bus across cities for its promotions and the bus is peculiarly designed by the use of customized stickers as displayed above. The bus is known to catch the attention of a lot of passersby on the routes where the bus passes through.

Expressive Sticker campaigning thus is an intelligent art powered by weaving a picture story around minute but striking observations. Not only customized stickers can be skillfully used to enhance the product as well as brand value but also help create awareness about social and environmental issues. Some of them can even be impactful to the extent of bringing a positive change in the society.

As the communication media becomes more and more costly, going forward with innovative customized stickers and custom vinyl sticker’s designs are bound to play a much more pivotal role in the brand communication strategies.