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The Singaporean Deepavali Special Train - Creative use of Large Format Stickers

The Indian festival of Diwali commemorates the victory of good over evil. Its celebration with light signifies the effort to not only dose-off the darkness in the outside world but also from within.

With the widespread of Indian culture throughout the globe, people and governments all over are taking keen interest in preparing for the festival. Basically a homecoming celebration of Lord Rama, the major attraction of festival is decoration with colours and light. Singapore is home to a significant number of Indian people and with the festival of lights round the corner, Singapore decided to give its trains a deepavali makeover. This decision of the Land Transport Authority came as a soothing surprise for the citizens. These decorations gave freshness to the surroundings and people were not only enthusiastic to travel in these trains but there were many who travelled just to witness the Diwali decorations.

Commuters Inside Diwali themed train

The Diwali themed train was eloquently decorated with garlands and Diwali inspired Images. Large format stickers contributed to the majority of these decorations. Stickers are instant ways to decorate. They are easy to apply, change or remove. For the Diwali motivated decorations, special large format stickers were designed with references of art from Indian culture. These arts mainly included beautifully printed Lotus, peacocks and of course diyas (small oil lamps). Decoration with stickers is always a time saver and when it comes to a grand décor like ornamenting a train there is no better option. Everything from Rangoli (design with colours) designs to garlands was in the form of stickers.  Some stunning images from the Diwali-themed train:

Customized large format stickers installation for the train

Source -  LTA Facebook Page
Source -  LTA Facebook Page

The first train to don these adornments ran on the North East Line. Further the station named “Little India” was embellished with the same Diwali aura.  The area around Little India is densely populated with Indians. The embellished station gave them another reason to rejoice. Apart from enchanting stickers there were light decorations for additional charm. 

Source -  LTA Facebook Page

Large format stickers are quite a handy thing when it comes to hassle free celebrations. They can be ordered pre hand and create magic within no time. At Gumtoo Stickers, we take care of all sorts of customer requirements right from design to printing to installations. Also, we offer consulting, project management and support in installing these stickers.

Source -  LTA Facebook Page

Spread the Light,  Spread the happiness. , This weekend Come let’s Celebrate Diwali!!!, Happy Deepavali!!!

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