25 Amazing Adventure Stickers to Inspire your Next Big Adventure

Who has the adventure bug in them? Raise your hands if you do. We think the adventure bug is in every person. Some have the big one, some small. Adventure means different things for different people.  For some it’s hiking up the Himalayas, for some it’s taking the crowded train to reach work. Or you could just make your own adventures. We made ours and went on a hunt to find the best adventure stickers. Who knew that finding adventure stickers could be so adventurous? :)


We love going on hikes every once in a while. It’s like a little get away from the city life to the top of the mountain where the air is pure and the view is spectacular. Also, fantastic pictures for Instagram.


For all those who love camping, this die cut sticker one’s for you. This adventure sticker paints a perfect picture with the snow-capped mountains, pine trees, the tent and the fire. We’re imagining the pretty, open, star filled skies to look at. 


A sticker that explains what a good adventure is made of. Mountains, a compass for directions, a pair of binoculars for sign seeing and a fire to keep you warm. That’s the complete package.


An adventure sticker with a message or call it a motivational quote. “Every Single Adventure Requires A First Step”. Damn right, it does. Get this die cut sticker custom made with a quote that inspires you.


This sticker is a little clichéd but we agree with it 100%. Sometimes you get wander, get lost and then find yourself at the perfect place. Like it’s meant to be. Get this one made as a custom sticker for you, maybe with a little bit of color?


For the happy camper in you. This sticker will look great at the back of your car or maybe on your water bottle? Make a similar design as a custom sticker for you.


This adventure sticker is going on our list of favorites. Absolutely love the colors used to denote the mountains, water and the sun.


Wander all you can and all you want. Wandering is sometimes good for the soul. Allows you to lose yourself and then find it, in between the mountains or on that empty vast road.


The van life is great life. Do you ever feel like leaving everything behind and just taking off? If yes, this custom sticker is for you.


Keep it simple, silly. All you need is that van and a map. The rest will come to you in time. You will find what you are looking for when you are driving down the unknown roads. This die cut sticker speaks to us.


Get lost in the right direction. Get a custom sticker made for you with your favorite quote.


Life’s is short so you have to make the most out of it. How will you ever find out if you don’t explore? So, we insist. EXPLORE! And get this adventure sticker if you agree with us.


This is the perfect sticker to go on your travel bags when you set out for an adventure. Whether you are going to wanderlust in another city or country, this sticker is for you.


Who else loves living the camp life? Bonfires, barbeques and cozy tents is just what we want right now.


The perfect travel and adventure sticker is this compass. Looks great on the laptop.


Heart is where the mountains and starry skies are! Love this round die cut sticker.


For all you solo adventurers, this sticker is for you. Backpacks are the best companions when you travel alone. Get this made as a custom sticker with your name on it.


This custom tattoo can be coordinates of your favorite city, country or any travel spot.


Drive into the night like you are young, wild and free. Drive to the mountains and open blue seas. Yes, we rhymed a little.


This sticker is for all you water babies. Make this a custom tattoo. Add a hammock and a sunset for more beachy vibes.


Love the rivers? Taking dips and going kayaking? Get this sticker if want to live the river life too.


Getting major boho vibes from the sticker. Are you a gypsy soul too?


We couldn’t agree more. This transparent sticker says the right thing. And it will look great on your adventure diary.


When you are physically at work but your heart and mind is always at the beach, this should be your laptop sticker.


The set of stickers that will go on our walls, cars and bags. For the people who have the super big adventure bug.

What kind of adventures do you like? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you want to get any of these designs or got an idea of your own for a customized sticker, let us know at sales@gumtooStickers.com and we’ll make exactly what you have in mind. We also take large orders for events and shows, so no matter what you need, we are just an email away. Head over to Gumtoo Stickers and browse through some amazing stickers.