5 Wacky Pranks Using Custom-Printed Stickers

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.
― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

A little fun never hurt, right? We think so too. We love playing pranks on our loved ones, every once in a while. Harmless pranks spread joy and laughter.  We have put together five of our favorite custom sticker pranks that will leave you laughing till your stomach hurts.

1. Fake Socket Prank

Image via @Artroic/Twitter

Image via @Artroic/Twitter

This prank has been trending lately. Imagine sitting at an airport trying to plug your charger into the socket for a couple of minutes only to realize it’s a damn sticker and not an actual socket. Who on earth would do such a thing? There was a swarm of people posting on Facebook and Twitter who were fooled by this.

This will be a really fun prank at your workplace. Stick one of these fake custom printed socket stickers and watch your work mates struggle to charge their phones.  Watch the video below to find out exactly what we are talking about.

Fake Socket Prank at Airport

Video via YouTube

2. The Scratch On The Car Prank

Image via    Amazon UK

Image via Amazon UK

This one is an oldie but hasn’t gone out of style yet. You know the scary feeling in your stomach when you see the paint from your car in bad shape no matter how small it is. Get a fake custom printed sticker that looks like a scratch and put it on the cars of your friends and family and watch them go crazy.

3. Fake Bug Prank

Image via    Etsy

Image via Etsy

If you have friends who are scared of creepy crawlies, get custom printed stickers of bugs and freak them out! You can place these bugs strategically on the target’s laptop, water sipper, coffee mug ….and watch the fun that unravels, of course!  

4. Voice-Activated Dryer

Image via    Dude I Want That

Want to see people talk to a hand dryer? Paste a custom sticker that says it is voice activated and see people go bananas. We saw a few YouTube videos of this prank and it was hilarious.

5. Bumper Stickers

Image via    Zeppy

Image via Zeppy

What can be more embarrassing than having a sticker on your car that says ”Porn Star” and you don’t even know why people are giving you the look. Get a fake custom bumper sticker made with some embarrassing quote like “I love farting’ and stick it on the prank target’s car. The parking lot is the perfect place for this prank. Stand back and watch the fun. Take this prank up a notch and put a bumper sticker that is visible only when another car’s headlights flash on the sticker.

Are you planning on doing these pranks? Drop in a line at sales@gumtooStickers.com and get custom stickers printed for your pranks.

Keep pranking and laughing!