Top 5 Ways To Use Creative Stickers For E-Commerce Packaging

Do you run an e-commerce website? Want to spruce up your packaging and delight your customers? We present 5 creative and cost-effective ideas.

1. Box/Package Seal Sticker

Make your packages look elegant with custom die-cut stickers. These can be made in your company’s logo or any other custom design reflecting your brand. Use the die-cut stickers to brand your package or use them as box seals.

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. Custom Die-Cut Sticker as Package Seal

Image via  Printed

Image via Printed

2. Custom Sticker and Custom Tape as Box-Seal

Image via  Stickermule

Image via Stickermule

3. Custom Logo Sticker as Box Seal

Image via  Instagram

Image via Instagram

2. Metallic Stickers for Embellishment

Add a premium feel to your e-commerce package by sticking custom-printed metallic stickers.

  1. Custom Metallic Sticker on E-Commerce Package

Image via  Sticker Prints

Image via Sticker Prints

2. Custom logo stickers as box seals Metallic seals

Image via  Lumi

Image via Lumi

3. Custom Sticker Tape

You can get really creative with custom sticker tape…. you can get it printed with your company’s logo, website, social media hashtags etc.  A great way to turn a simple tape into a potent branding tool.

  1. Colorful Branded Custom-Sticker Tape

Image via  Sticker Mule

Image via Sticker Mule

2. Custom Sticker tape with Doodles

Image via    Wix

Image via Wix

4. Tissue Seals

If you are retailing products that need to be wrapped in tissue before being packaged in the final delivery box, you can use this opportunity for further branding. Add a die-cut sticker of your brand logo/or a quirky custom message related to your brand to seal the tissue.

  1. Logo Tissue-Seal Sticker

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

2. Quirky Tissue-Seal Sticker

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

5. QR Code Stickers

Get custom QR codes printed as stickers and add it to your eCommerce package to your valued customers. You can use these stickers to direct the customers to your website or to give them special discount coupons and offers.

  1. QR Code Sticker with Warranty Policy

Image via  Youtube

Image via Youtube

2. QR Code Sticker with Tracking Details

A cool idea used by Mountain Hardwear, was to stick a sticker of their reusable box program on their package. When the customer scans the QR code, he is taken to a website that tracks the total number of reused boxes, how many boxes have been tracked and total miles traveled. This sticker helps spread the message of recycling in a great way.

Image via  Craig Ladson

Image via Craig Ladson

We hope you liked our ideas to spruce up your e-commerce package. For more ideas on how to use stickers to promote your brand, check this post.

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