Know your Stickers

A small army of stickers is worth ten thousand marketing experts. No matter what experts say about marketing and the need to spend huge amounts of money in order to advertise products, custom stickers have jumped far ahead of the competition. With their quirky and flirty designs coupled with amazing tag lines, stickers offer the added advantage of being more cost efficient than traditional marketing gimmicks.

The Best Way: Customer Endorsement

Let me introduce you to one of the well-known secrets across the world. Custom stickers are miraculous items which can raise your enterprise to the next level within a short span of time. Business booms when your customer endorse your establishment and this is exactly what custom-made promotional stickers help you achieve.

Pre-requisite Knowledge On Sticker Advertising?

The first thing to keep in mind while planning to endorse your establishment through stickers is to ensure that the sticker design is eye-catching and coupled with a great punchline. The company doesn’t need to hire a professional writer in order to get a great tagline, instead, he can organise contests for the best tagline from his customers. 

FIGURE 1: Stickers are like customer magnets.

FIGURE 1: Stickers are like customer magnets.

Another thing to ensure that the quality of stickers is at an ideal level. If you are printing stickers that are going to be used on a long term basis, you must ensure that its quality does not go below a certain standard. People may stick these little angels of marketing on their cars or any other permanent fixture and it is your need that they look great! Hence, making sure that your custom stickers are printed in premium quality is important.

How Can I Use Stickers Effectively?

  • Custom stickers can be used to grab the attention of the customer. Stickers screaming offers like ‘Buy One Get One Free’ and ‘50% Extra’ grab more attention and cause the attention of the common man to drift to your product. 
  • Custom stickers can also be used to provide extra information about the product like ‘Smoother and Thicker hair’ for a shampoo. This is another method for attention grabbing.
FIGURE 2: Stickers are used by companies, both small and large alike. ( Source:

FIGURE 2: Stickers are used by companies, both small and large alike. (Source:

Custom stickers can be equated to mini bill-boards. They can cause the customer to remember your brand name and take notice of your slogan or tagline. 

  • Another benefit of using stickers is that they can be used on social media, where they can be ‘liked’, ‘shared’, and ‘posted’. 
  • Custom stickers also enhance the outer beauty and appeal of the product to the general public.
  • Stickers can also be used to promote charity events and functions. 
  • Custom stickers also help in identity development and design. 

Stickers can also compliment and enhance other marketing efforts put forward by the vendor.

Are Stickers for Real?

If your feeling skeptical about the effect stickers can have on your business, it is worthy to remember that stickers appeal to almost everyone. Custom stickers turn into advertising vehicles for your enterprise once the customer who received one goes about his daily life. 

A sticker, whether a custom sticker with a quirky design or a sticker with an unforgettable tagline, can be considered as an engaging gift to the customers. They bring about feelings of happiness for having received a free gift from your establishment. Custom stickers can also be sold as a profitable product if your stickers are becoming popular and gaining fans. In fact, attractive stickers can cause the customers to start collecting them. This enables you to get more profit out of your business.

Custom stickers can obtain impressions for your brand, long after it has been distributed to your customers and it sticks to your enterprise image. Another thing to note is the fact that stickers are capable of promoting marketing by ‘Word of Mouth’. It is a well-established fact that ‘Word of Mouth’ is probably the best form of marketing there is.