Book Launch event: well complimented with stickers

Book promotion events are supposed to be plain events but here we are referring to a book promotion with a sticky flavour. The event was for the recent book by Evangeline Neo,  the famous comic artist.  Eva an established artist in the comic world has been pursuing her creative interest with all sorts of comic designs. Since 2007, she has been actively posting her comic series over the web. Apart from native language Eva is fluent in English, Chinese and Japanese. She have had a global education with bachelor’s degree in fine arts from San Francisco and master’s in business administration from Tokyo, Japan. With her efforts and talent she has been successfully able to build her own comics brand by the name of “Evacomics”. Her Illustration and character designs are loved widely throughout Singapore. In 2014,  she launched hard copy of her work “Eva, Kopi and Matcha” which was a satirical comparison of people and cultural differences of Japan and Singapore. Eva, with her exemplary work has been able to garner significant popularity and this is evident from her whooping 97K Facebook page likes.

Kiss cut stickers designed by Evangeline

Customized stickers for book launch event in Singapore

Early preperation by Evangeline at Kinokuniya

Evangeline’s recent appearance was at the Kinokuniya store,  for book launch event of her latest book “Eva goes solo.” She has even mentioned about the event on her blog. She was quite excited for the event as she had made preparations beforehand. The main attraction of the occasion prize giveaway were sticker sheets,  which she distributed to people who bought her books. Eva talked about her book at the promotional event, interacted with her fans,  and gave autographs and distributed prizes and stickers. Eva also put out some question to the audiences; correct answers were rewarded with prizes.

Comic interactions with audiences

Sticker Distribution to customers

Promotion of the book through customised stickers seemed to be quite a fun way to do so. The stickers were strategically designed to be in sync with evacomics. The event saw people from almost all age groups and even some local comic artists. The stickers offered proved to be a good gesture. Some of the young enthusiast were immediate on sticking them on the book cover. Using custom stickers was a great idea for promotion as it kept the masses engaged and gave sufficient time to Eva for interaction with the crowd. She took memoirs of the event in the form of photos which she posted on her Facebook page., Everyone has a child within. Stickers were heavily welcomed not only by children but also endorsed by adults. Overall, Eva’s idea of sticker distribution was to bring forth the child within,  the lighter part of life. Evacomics delivers writing which lightens mood and promotes smile. Stickers aided to augment this spreading happiness approach. 

Age no bar at the event-Smile attracts everyone

At Gumtoo Stickers we feel that tiny cartoon stickers replenish childhood and its memories. People must be take some time off from there busy schedule to revisit the stuff which made their kid life superb; Stickers being one of those stuff!!!