Large format Sticker Printing and Installation for Container Library in West Punggol

Library is a place which holds special reverence in the society. Reading books is a healthy habit and for a small town like Punggol having a library is a boon. Punggol is a planned residential town in the north-eastern Singapore. The inception of the town was announced in the year 1996 and it was revamped in the year 2007. Till now the town provided its residents with all basic amenities like education,  camps etc. but only thing that was prominently missing from the list was a public library. According to local authorities,  works for central public library in West Punggol are still in progress. Meanwhile,  a unique container library has been installed in the town on temporary basis. Located near block 211 Punggol field,  it houses around 3500 books. The library opens on 23rd October and as of now it will function independently.

Inside of Container Library

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Talking about aesthetics,  since the library is of temporary nature it has to have an easy setup. It is for this reason it was made out of containers,  easy to place on the spot and presented with stickers,  easy to apply. Sticker usage here is a very suitable live example of implementing large format stickers for decorations and advertisements. Larger stickers are not only hassle-free to apply as compared to other presentation ideas but also impact more. They can be customised according to the requirements put up by the customer. Painting a larger surface is undoubtedly tedious and time consuming than applying stickers. 

Large Format Printing


The container Library of West Punggol for all obvious reason opted for large format sticker decoration on its outer walls. The design was preselected and ordered to Gumtoo Stickers. Stickers manufactured by Gumtoo are flawlessly attractive with the right colour and design. The large stickers added the desired identification and attraction to the container library.  Effects are demonstrated below:



Gumtoo is honest with its customers,  not only it delivers the correct products on time but the company also makes sure that the products are smoothly installed. Sticking large format stickers in one go is one of the major challenges of this task. Gumtoo surpasses this challenge with a specialised and dedicated team for this work. Installing stickers on plain surfaces is a mediocre task to pull. However,  the container library has temporary walls with contours on them. These contours made it difficult for the stickers to apply. The team of Gumtoo Stickers is a group dedicated for first class work delivery; hence it carried out the work with sheer patience. Sticker application on each and every crest and trough was taken care of. There were high chances of air getting trapped in between the sticker and container wall. This could have degraded the look of library wall. However,  with minute observations and care we were able to produce a handsome score on the outer presentation of the library. 

Team of Gumtoo Stickers at Work

World today is fast paced. There is strong demand for multitasking. In such a scenario presentations and decorations of premises and larger spaces can be effectively catered using large format stickers.