20 Inspiring Wall Stickers for Coworking Spaces

Along with stable Wi-Fi, colorful interiors, ergonomically designed work spaces, cosy meeting rooms, competent pricing and good coffee, coworking spaces offer freelancers/entrepreneurs/small teams/ remote employees a sense of community and networking opportunities. No wonder, coworking spaces are growing exponentially worldwide.

If you own a coworking space and are keen to attract an eclectic and vibrant community, you need to offer something over and above the basic infrastructure and amenities. You can conduct networking events where the coworking community can bond, celebrate major festivals, offer gym memberships at discount etc. The coworking community is likely to comprise mostly of millennials: open and vibrant offices are appealing to millennials. You can make your interiors exciting with creative custom printed wall stickers. Inspirational stickers can transform the vibe of your coworking space. You can experiment with stickers of quotable quotes, cool graphics, comic-strip stickers, super-hero stickers… you have multiple options depending on the ambiance you want to create.

Check out 20 inspiring wall stickers from coworking spaces across the world.

Which wall-stickers inspired you the most? Which do you think will match the vibe of your coworking space? Do you have better more creative ideas for wall stickers for your coworking space?

If you run a coworking space in Singapore or are in the process of setting one up, reach out to us at sales@gumtooStickers.com for ideas on how to transform your walls with our stickers.