How to Organize a Memorable University Open Day - 7 Creative Ideas

Open days are important for both students and universities. Apart from the courses on offer, and prospective placement opportunities, students want to know the vibe of the campus they will be studying at. Check 7 creative and fun ideas for making a memorable and impactful university open day.

Author Speak: Naomi Vowels of 'Where Are My Shoes?'

Team Gumtoo loves books, especially books for children and young adults. And it is no secret that we love stickers too 😊. Imagine our joy, when we got a fantastic opportunity to combine both our loves! This happy chance came our way through the talented sister-duo of Naomi Vowels and Frances Atkins of Red Shoe Stories. Read the details in our interview with Naomi.

20 Inspiring Wall Stickers for Coworking Spaces

Do you run a coworking space? Want to attract an eclectic and vibrant coworking community? Use creative and motivational wall stickers to amp up the atmosphere of your coworking space.  Presenting 20 inspiring wall stickers for coworking spaces, just for you.

How to Promote your Startup using Stickers

T-shirts as startup swag are iconic, but ubiquitous and very yesterday. Use creative and ultra-cool stickers to promote your startup. Trust us, startups and stickers are a marriage made in branding heaven, this is an idea that will stick!