20 Inspiring Wall Stickers for Coworking Spaces

Do you run a coworking space? Want to attract an eclectic and vibrant coworking community? Use creative and motivational wall stickers to amp up the atmosphere of your coworking space.  Presenting 20 inspiring wall stickers for coworking spaces, just for you.

How to Promote your Startup using Stickers

T-shirts as startup swag are iconic, but ubiquitous and very yesterday. Use creative and ultra-cool stickers to promote your startup. Trust us, startups and stickers are a marriage made in branding heaven, this is an idea that will stick!

How to give your Brand Promotions a lift with creative Elevator/Escalator Stickers

Add a buzz to your brand promotion activities with creative, visually appealing customized Elevator Stickers & Escalator Stickers. The possibilities are fun and endless: all you have to do is think out of the (elevator) box!

25 Amazing Adventure Stickers to Inspire your Next Big Adventure

If you have the adventure bug in you, we have the perfect curation of stickers that will look great on your laptops, bottles, walls and much more. Express your love for adventure, with these amazing adventure stickers. And pack your bags and get going! Your next big adventure awaits you. Looking for customized laptop stickers for…

Custom Sticker Packs – Best Way to Increase Your Sale!

Do you want to display your awesome stickers in the most attractive manner? Then the custom sticker packs are the best option for you! Stickers are generally used for advertising and marketing, yet they can be packed in custom sticker packs and sold at a retail shop or online.


Source: https://www.rockinstickers.com/sticker-pack


Source: https://www.rockinstickers.com/sticker-pack


Source: https://www.gumtoostickers.com/custom-sticker-packaging/


Source: http://www.awesomemerchandise.com/Laminated-Sticker-Packs

Header Bags are commonly used to package items such as: toys, giftware, stationery, hosiery, computer accessories, socks, etc. and they make the packaging look even more stylish and classy. Similarly, stickers can also be packed in header bags to make them look more sophisticated and professional.

Customized sticker packs look unique and attractive. Stickers are packed in a clear poly bag with a custom printed header card. You can print any design of your choice on these header cards. The finish of the header cards can be chosen between matte or glossy. Header card can also have a hanging hole, for easy display inside the retail shop.


Source: http://www.awesomemerchandise.com/Laminated-Sticker-Packs

Gumtoo Header Packaging for NTU

At Gumtoo we recently did customized sticker packaging for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, and it worked out really well! They wanted to sell the stickers in the university shop, so they opted for packaging with attractive header, and the stickers looked amazing. Below is the picture of the sticker packs we did for them


Based on how many stickers you want in your custom sticker pack, we at Gumtoo can assort and pack them for you. So, you have to just finalize the designs for stickers and the header and decide how you want them to look.

Header Design Ideas

To give an idea on what can be printed on the headers

  • Company logos with quirky text
  • Contact details and social media links
  • QR code to direct customers to your website
  • Instagram photo competition details

Source: http://www.joshcornett.me/blog/

Try the customized packaging and it will surely help you grow your sales and improve your branding. We at Gumtoo are packaging experts too and have helped many of our customers with customized packaging solutions. 

For customized sticker printing and packaging mail us at sales@gumtooStickers.com